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Digital Service's New Promotional stock and business cards arrived today!! Excited for 2014!!

Iphone 5 Excitement

Looking forward to todays announcement at the Apple Headquaters in Cupertino USA. At 10am pacific time or 8pm UK time the planned launch of the new iPhone will  be released to the world. estimated U.S release date of the 21st October. were guessing that it will have an 8megapixle camera dual core processors and various other upgrades. as to wether it will be a redesign rumours are that it will stay the same as the iPhone 4. names being banded about are the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4s. so i wait with great anticipation for their announcement!!!!!!!

the future seems to be wireless!!

Sonos systems and Apple tv systems are the order of the week. More and more peolpe are asking me to install these systems mainly down to the ease of intergration into existing systems and ease of use i.e intergrating with i tunes and existing librarys, internet radio, and available apps for the iphone and ipad. wireless systems seem to be the way forward with more and more systems branching out onto the market.

The Iphone Mystery

Had a Nightmare with Phones yesterday. i returned home to find numerous people had tried to contact me but call were going straight to answer phone and i could not make calls either! After hours of resets and calls to O2 customer services we decide the phone had broke and i need a new one. This Morning i made contact with my insurance company who have sent me a claims form out only to turn my phone on again and find it working!!! AAAARRRRHHHH.

BOSE Syatem Install setup

I have been helping out some friends with an install of theirs in Alderley Edge at a £4,000,000 new build.  i spent 3 hours Fault finding only to find that 2 SA3 Amps & 2 SA2 Amps were Faulty!! never had this problem before and completly unusual as 4 out of six went down! somthing for bose to take a look at anyway!

Bank Holiday cramming

back to work today after the bank holiday weekend, first day back is always busy trying to fit everything into a short week! today we are fixing multi-room speaker systems and data systems in private properties, sorting out crashed freeview recorders and catching up on twitter feeds keeping you all informed of the latest tec! 

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